A4 layouts by Elena La Scrapperia

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 Hi guys how are you? Today it's my turn, Elena La Scrapperia and I do it by showing you two layouts made with the Lazy Days collection. Two very different layouts but with the same format, A4! 

I think A4 format is one of my favorites, perfect for developing our layout vertically, but why not, horizontally too.  For these two projects, I mainly focused on colors. The first will have shades all in the pink range; the second instead mainly of blue and cold colors. 

The first layout in shades of pink, develops horizontally and I started by tearing strips of paper following an order of chromatic gradation. I then cut out many beautiful roses that I used as decorative elements. 

The second layout, with cold shades develops vertically. With a strip of paper I enjoyed to creating a small flounces, as if it fabric. 
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In the meantime I thank you for reading my post and see you the next projects! 

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