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Here again, to show you the last thing I have done with "Lazy Days", a notebook page and an 8.5x11 layout.

On this page I have used several chipboard frames on the double page.
I have put the photo on the right and on the left a card cut out of one of the papers.

Between the frames and within them I have added different ornaments phrases ...

Some frames I have cut on the edge of the page to give that feeling that the layout does not end there.

For this layout I have used a textured white paper, and with a couple of stamps I have created the background, a pattern of gold stars and circles in black but with different intensity when applying the ink.

Under the photo I have layered several papers that I have sewn with the photo on top.

And at the bottom a lot of chipboard decorations, stickers, enamel dots ...

As you can see here I have also left the page with the stamping, it is the same resource as in the notebook but with stamps.

I hope it helps you for your projects.
See you soon!


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