Would you like to wear Studioforty? | Yukie Bessho

 Hello everyone! 

How are you all? 

I hope you all find yourself good! And hopefully with crafty mind and environment during the summer. 

Today I would like to share my first work making accessories with Studioforty products. 

Here are two brooches! 

I have made them with my favorite Studioforty's

Light bulb stamps!!! 

I stamped it to a plain linen cloth with quilt cotton. 

Then embroidered along with the lines. 

The stamp is not large so it only took me a few hours with lots of pauses( like doing house hold work) . 

After finishing embroidery, I have cut too chipboard sharped as bulbs, 114% and 125% larger than the original stamp. 

The ivory linen and quilt cotton wrapped 114% sized bulb chipboard, with glue. 

And any patterned cloth with quilt cotton to wrap125% sized chipboard. 

And glue them together. 

On the back, I used felt and stitched the pins. 

I am in the middle of beginner to intermediate, closer to beginner with embroidery. Means everyone can make a stamp brooches! 

Now you can wear your favorite stamps. On your T shirt, jackets, hats and bags. 

Flower  bulb stamp →Click here

Marine bulb stamp →Click here

I hope you liked them! 

Thank you for being with me until the end!!! 

Stay happy! 

xoxo Yukie

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