COZY TIME Lantern and NORDICA layout / Yukie Bessho

              Hello! I am Yukie from Tokyo Japan. Nice to meet you all!

 I am very excited to share my very first '2' projects with Studio Forty,
using the latest collections; Cozy time and Nordica today.

Here is the paper made lantern with the gorgeous 'Cozy Time' collection. The collection represents the warmness, family, comfort and more. Then  I thought what if I make a lantern with the Cozy Time collection to literally light up my living room and warm up the atmosphere of it.

The lantern is made of three different pattern papers from the Cozy Time collection. Warm light orange/pink colours are sweet and sophisticated.

The lantern can be disassembled in three pieces. You can easily stick the beautiful journal cards from the collection, your own photos, kids art, any small memorabilia on the wall of the lantern. Also you can place a small fake cactus or a plant for making the lantern simple home decor.
(In that case, the LED light can be hanged from the top, up side down)


If you have a close look, you will notice the juicy shiny Cozy Time's beautiful 3D dots. I placed them instead of the real screws. I am very happy with how the stickers help the lantern look so unique.

On the back of my lantern, I made a pocket. Yes, so that I can place Studio Forty's note books! I would love to fill the notebook and set it on the lantern as a gift to someone special too! Wait for the inside of the note books, will come next time!

In case some of you are wondering the handle of the lantern, Yes! I made a cotton rope with my t-shirt yarn strings. Give a try, you won't find it difficult.


The second project is with Studio Forty's winter collection 'Nordica'.

I have made a 12 inches layout with lots of circles, stamp works, and stickers. 

The photo I chose for the layout was my girl tasting the snow for the first time. Here in Tokyo it only snows little.  We had about 10cm of snow that day and the city was totally stuck. And ofcourse that means pure fun for the kids. 

After doing gunmetal watercolor spattering on the 'Knitting' paper of Nordica collection, I have cut 16 little circles (2.5inches) from 'Aurora Borealis' paper,  distressed them, placed them in lines, and sew them. Left some strings hanging for the accents. 

Stamped snow flakes. Very simple lines and yet very sweet Studio Forty's Nordica snow flake stamps are my new favorites!

I have cut out S N O W words from 'ABC' paper for the title. Adding some movements to the layout, I have hanged letter 'N' to swing for fun. 

'Tasting' I wrote myself. Always fun to put something original in projects. 

You can see I used some 3D sticker dots on the layout, too. They do the amazing jobs and make your project look so special! Don't you just love the colours?  Mauve colors are my very favorite. 

So, this is it for my first blog. Thank you very much for checking in. I hope you liked the projects.I would be so happy if you leave a comment !See you next time! 


The materials used;

COZY TIME    Pattern paper ; SF14-01 Dream Big/SF14-03 Good Time/SF14-05 Everyday//3D stickers Dots //Journaling cards//Journey notebook

NORDICA     Pattern paper; SF15-02 Aurora borealis/SF15-03 ABC/SF15-04 Knitting//3D stickers Dots // Chipboard sticker set // stampset #127


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  1. Stunning! Hello, it's so good you're here :)

    1. Oh you are so generous! Thank you so much ! Magda-san! I just loooooved these collections.


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