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Hello everyone! September is here and I'm already in autumn mood. And despite the fact, that today I will show you last august week in my planner, I jumped into fall products right away. I digged deep into my Studio Forty's collections and I found some bits and pieces from GAIA collection. This collection is so pretty and I love it! So before I dive into Studio Forty's new autumn collection I wanted to use every last piece of GAIA collection.

My BIG Happy Planner is getting bigger and bigger with every page I scrap. With this weekly spread I only used flat embelishments like stickers, stamps and journaling.

Last week in August was the last week without school. Our son spent it with his grandparents so my husband and I had a week off. What a blessed days ... The greatest adventure was a buffet dinner at the boat. I bought it as a Valentine's gift for my husband earlier this year and now was the time to enjoy it. The cruise took about three hours and food was delicious.

I'm curious ... does anybody record their everyday life on a weekly basis? All you heroes - leave me a comment so I know I'm not alone.


Products I used:

GAIA - Notebook edicion paper set

GAIA - Color sticker set

GAIA - Transparent Stickers

NATURE - Transparent Stickers

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