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Hello everyone.

I'm still very happy to continue with being a part of the new team and before we receive the new collections, I can't wait to hold them in my hands, I'll show you a project with the current collection BOM DIA today.

This collection is really so beautiful and versatile, I really don't want the summer to end yet. Don't you agree, that summer was far too short? I wouldn't mind if it was nice and, above all, warm for a few more days.

I have something completely different for you today, because the great papers are also perfect for making small gift packaging, for example for voucher cards or a few little things.

For this I used two different papers of the collection and punched them out with a pocket pillow die. But you will also find many instructions on pinterest on how you can make such a pillow box by yourself without having a die.

In the next step, I cut out the decoration parts from two more pieces of paper and attached them to the pillow boxes with adhesive dots and pads.

If you have a few pearls or sequins you should use them as decoration as well. I am sure you will find a few little things in your fund.

I hope you enjoyed my little inspiration. Now I wish you a good time and stay healthy.

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