So many hearts / Irina Honcharyk

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 Hello Studio Forty friends! Irina is here.
Today I want to show you two layouts. They are different, but they are united by two points: stamping and heart! These two required elements were chosen by my subscribers on Instagram. I conducted a survey and many wrote that they want to see pages with stamping and heart.

Well! I am ready to show my layouts!

The first layout is romantic. I cut a lot of hearts out of paper!

Then I took out a chipboard and stickers from different collections.

And of course, stamps!

And now my page about hugs and son’s love is ready!

There is a lot of air and volume!

The second layout is completely different in style. But it has the same required elements!

I used a lot of stamps!

This layout is also about love, but about another son.

I suggest to watch the video about this layuot.

Thank you for the attention!

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

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