Feels like home | Stephanie B.

Hi Scrappers,

First of all - i hope all of you had and have a great Easter - against all odds.

Today i want to show you a new layout i made with the wonderful and lovely "SO ROMANTIC"-Collection....

My dad always loved to eat the so called "Spritzring" - this is a german sweet with sugar glaze
you can buy at the baker.

My dad died 5 years ago because of cancer - and now sometimes i buy such a "Spritzring"
for me and for my dad - in lovely memory...

It feels a little like home....

SO ROMANTIC-01- scrapbook paper
SO ROMANTIC-03- scrapbook paper
SO ROMANTIC-04- scrapbook paper
SO ROMANTIC-05- scrapbook paper
Happy Place- transparent stickers (english)
a lot of sewing ;-)
and white cardstock

have a great week  -and stay healthy
xoxo, Stephanie

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