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Hello everybody!

This is Isa and today I'm going to present you my first project made with the Lunare collection. I am thrilled to be back here with this project because it is very special for me and also I have to say that I am completely in love with the Lunare collection.

For this project I have used a wooden clipboard from Projekt Planner and I have decorated with a picture as if it were a layout.

First, I painted the clipboard with a grey paint that I created mixing black and white acrylic paints. Then, when it was dry, with some white spray I added some drops of white paint to make it look like a galaxy.

I cut some planets from one of the TN inserts of the collection. As they were smaller than the ones in the 12x12" paper  they fit better in the size of the clipboard. I glued them in the clipboard, but before I did some shadows for the planets with a white gelatto. 

Behind the picture, I have added several layers. I have used some pieces of cloth that I had at home that matched perfectly with the colors, vellum and papers from the Lunare collection. I sewed them irregularly and placed them behind the picture with some volume. 

I used also chipboards from other Studio Forty collections, and some other decorations.

The picture is me and my sister's dog which I love very very much! I added as a title the word DREAM in white foam and in the clip I added a scrap of paper with a sticker from the Lunare collection.

I hope you like the project and that you try to alter some objects to create beautiful scrapbook projects. I really love converting clipboards into beautiful decorations to put at home!! See you really soon! Lots of love,

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