Cute cards / Irina Honcharik

Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.
I am glad to meet you again!
New year and new collection! It's perfect, right?)
With interest and trepidation, I opened the box with the new collection and ... drowned in tenderness!
I immediately sat down to make cards.

Let's see what I did.

So, the first card for the baby in a box.

I must say right away that cutting Forty Studio papers by plotter is a pleasure! No problem!

The beauty of the same! I took a set of cards from this collection and cut out cute characters! For this card I also made a voluminous flower of paper.

there is also decor on the back of the card. I almost always do it. It seems to me that this is how the work looks finished.

My second postcard about a cute planet in a bunny hat!

For this card I used stamp sets from Lunare collection.
And I also make the envelope. It has a heart hole in it and it's so cute all together!

Inside the postcard I used collection paper (travel set) and stamps.

I sewed a beautiful ribbon with stars and designed the back of the card!

And finally, the third postcard! And here we also see a wonderful bunny!

Incredibly cute and touching works I want to do from this collection.

The back of the postcard is also interesting! I used a small card and stamps.

I hope I inspired you. And you too will do something cute and beautiful!


 I used:

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

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