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Hi pretty!

I'm Anabel from @cattaleiasoul. Today I am in the studio forty blog to show you 
the shaker tag that I made with the new Lunare collection.
The first thing I've done has been to choose the papers, and size. 
For this occasion I only needed two 10x21 papers and coincidentally 
it is the same pattern but each one I will use for one side.

I really like the sewn effect, so I used my sewing machine quite a lot. 
I have done the first sewing around the paper that will be the base.
 For my moon-shaker, I first cut one in a white paper to see the size I needed,
once I decided, I cut the acetate and the paper I was going to use.
Then I have sewn a first part, I have introduced silver stars and I have finished sewing.

I have chosen a tag from the same collection and I have torn it to give it
 the shape I wanted.To this tag that has been left in a circular shape 
and to the moon I have glued them with 3d adhesive to give the tag a bit of volume.

I added a picture of a day that I was especially happy, because it snowed
in my city, something that never happens, and to give it my touch, 
I added some stitches with the sewing machine.

At the top, I made a hole and put an eyelet with the help of my crop-a-tell 
and passed a little ribbon that I had as a house of snowflakes.

To finish decorating it I have put some stickers with text and in the shape of stars.

I like to store my tags in a filing cabinet with rings so I made some holes with the cinch, 
which apart from being beautiful is practical for me.

I hope I have inspired you and see you very soon here.



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