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Hello everyone!

It's Isa and I am glad to be back on the Studio Forty blog with a new project featuring the wonderful collection "Lunare".
This time I wanted to make a different mini album and I used the shape of an enveolpe to make an album.

I made the shape of an envelope with some tempates that I have at home, and then on the inside I cut some papers from the Lunare collection and also a white cardstock to make the pages. 

As you open the pages of the album, you can see how they are disposed and you can see different flaps overlapped. It is what I like the most about this kind of structure, that he pages open in different ways and it is like discovering what is next. 

Apart from the papers from the collection, I have also used the stamps set and transparent stickers as well as other stickers from other Studio Forty collections. One of the things that I like about all the Studio Forty collections is that you can mix them and combine them very well for any occasion that you want to document. This time, the pictures of my album are pictures that I took from Pinterest. I did not have pictures myself and I wanted to try this new structure so I always take online pictures, they are the best option to try to test new projects or inspirations. 

I have combined pictures with blank pages with little decorations so the project can have space and it is not too crowded with pictures. 

Here you can see the whole structure that fits inside the envelope. Arriving to the last page, I have made a pocket with it so inside you can find a journaling card of project life from the Lunare collection with another picture. 

I decided to use black and white pictures because you can combine them with any colors and I always like using them as much as I can because I think that they add elegance to the projects. 

I have cut some moons from a paper from the Lunare collection to use them as die cuts to decorate the album. 

I have also cut details from the project life cars from the Lunare collection.

As you can see in the next pictures, you can use the transparent stickers from any collection in all the projects as all the decorations match perfectly well.

To close the envelope I have made holes with my Crop a Dile and then add a string to close it. I have added some decorations and I have made the title with two different alphabets. 

This is avery easy structure to make, what you only need is an enevelope as a reference and then let the magic inside go. I hope you like it and that you can use it to inspire yourselves for incoming projects. See you very soon here on the Studio Forty blog.

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