Cute baby album / Irina Honcharik

Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.

I am glad to show you my new project! And yes, it is an album! Absolutely cute, pleasant and beautiful album for the baby!
 There are no photos in album yet. This is album is a gift. The mom of the baby will stick the photos herself. It seems to me very nice and touching!

I made a very soft plush cover. And I really love the details, so you can see a small sticker star. They create the atmosphere of the album!

I suggest watching a video about the album. I'm flipping it.

Enjoy watching!

And then I propose to consider photos of each page of the album!

The size of the album is 20 * 25 cm. It has 5 spreads. On the fly-leaves of the album I made envelopes. This is necessary in order to invest photos and memorabilia of the baby.

The first spread of the album.
I used a lot of cards. They are beautiful and I continue to admire them!

The second spread of the album. And here we find space animals! I also added cotton textile flowers.

The third spread of the album.
And it is about a little dreamer. Night is a special time when dreams come to life in dreams.
This star print is so cute. It will not leave you indifferent!

And here you also see a beautiful card!

Fourth album spread. It is a very gentle.
This is all thanks to the print with flowers and a delicate palette!


And the last fifth spread of the album. 
There is a large envelope for various little things and a heart shaker!


All envelopes are tied on ribbons and this creates additional comfort for the album.

And more details!
You can view it here.

 I hope you liked the album! ☺

 I used:

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

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