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Hello friends! How are you? A new term with Studio Forty begins and a new collection arrived: 'Vintage Glow'! I am super excited! YAY! :P
Vintage Glow is a romantic and very elegant collection, with powder pink, gold, blue, and green colors blended with black and white. It's Nuria here today, wanna see what's coming up?

Fall decorations are the projects I am going to show you today. I made two different candle holders and a garland. Let's start!

I love to use folding techniques to get tridimensional objects. Volume gives us a lot of opportunities to experiment with. My first candle holder has a diábolo shape with many folds. 

I used the Pink paterned paper to make the candle holder. On top of the upper cone is where the candle holds. The lower cone is the base of the candle holder. I subtle decorated the candle with dried lavanda and white flowers, a string and a wax seal and an enamel dot.
This tridimensional object made with paper has many purpouses, not only a candle holder: you can use it as a tray with some treats on the top, for example.

The next project is a pack of two candle holders. In this case I fold in a V shape the Flowers patterned paper to get the shell shaped. 

I decorated them with a lot of dies leaves: I love how it looks like with the Wood patterned paper, it's so natural! Some die cuts and enamels from the collection finalises the decoration.

Let's finalise with the garland: It is a tiny and sweet garland made from leaves and die cuts from the collection. Have you seen that key? What about that beautiful vintage clock? Love that tiny hearts!

One final picture...

That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed today's post and don't forget to visit Studio Forty shop website, you will get 10% off with the code nuria10!

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week! 

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