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Hello Friends, another blog post is here. Today, I present a layout featuring the summer collection.For the base, I used white paper, along with torn yellow and green papers to add some texture and dimension to the project's foundation.

The flower arrangement adds harmony to the project. I used foam tape to give the flowers more height and volume, I always enjoy using dots as they bring texture to the base.

In conclusion, this layout not only provides a vibrant and refreshing feeling but also incorporates elements like torn papers, elevated flowers with foam tape, and textured dots to give it depth and dimension. It's a perfect representation of the season's energy and colors. Stay tuned for more creative ideas in our upcoming blog posts. Thank you for following us on this crafting journey!

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I hope you enjoyed it. I'm very happy to be creating with the Studio Forty! See you in the next post! Have fun and happy crafting!

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