Mini Álbum | Jess Fernandes

 Hello once again, dear blog readers! Today, I'm excited to share with you a charming mini album, measuring 10x10 cm, that exudes delicacy and charm. 

For this project, I chose the stunning Essentials Summer paper collection. On the cover, I created layers of flowers using carefully applied adhesive tape and decorative dots, adding a unique touch of elegance to the piece.

In the middle of this mini album, I cleverly used the cardstock sheets to create an accordion-style booklet, an approach that allows for efficient use of each sheet. Furthermore, I incorporated photos into the cards, opting for black and white images to perfectly harmonize with the collection, creating a charming visual balance.

Now, you too can embark on this creative journey and craft your own mini album easily and elegantly. Let your imagination flow and share your creations with us! Thank you for following along, and until our next inspiration.

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I hope you enjoyed it. I'm very happy to be creating with the Studio Forty! See you in the next post! Have fun and happy crafting!

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