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Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! How are you around this world?
Just to tell you, we are fighting Covid from the middle of January and life is crazy at home. I'm running around, smart working, home schooling, kids at home, home, cleaning, and you know what I mean.
Creativity let me allow to stay healthy :P

What about you?
Today I am more than honored to show you what I have created with the new arrival in the Studio Forty family, The Everyday Story collection, it's just mine for sure! I love all about it, from the color palette, the embellishments are super meaningful, the stamps, the papers are simply gorgeous!

This time I wanted to play with it telling my everyday stories, using my handwriting and a lot of die cuts and little photos. Staying home stories told in a creative way is the perfect way to have the me time and stay happy!

Three steps to start with this kind od storytelling :
  1. Set your pages with the embellishments, playing them around the week.
  2. Take a look at the pics you have taken during the week and start writing the journaling.
  3. Add your pics and the final touches.

Now it's time to play! Let me show you my spreads :)
I love the plants!

And here the second spread.

Tell your ordinare stories, there is nothing better to do creating. I love storytelling to the monna and back and you?

Love, Lory

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  1. Paleta kolorów nowej kolekcji rzeczywiście jest świetna, ale wielkie wrażenie robi na mnie wpis i tyle detali!


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