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We already have the new collection and I was looking forward to showing you the first projects.
Today two layouts, both 11x8.5, I love this size and I always use it.

On a textured cardboard I have sewn the brushstrokes that I have cut from one of the paper in the collection, one of my favorites.

I have placed the photo on the back of the same paper.
I have decorated it with a small chipboard heart and I have stapled a label.

Cutting out one of the stamps after having stamped it I have made a small ornament.
I have also glued another chipboard on the brushstroke, so that it seems that everything comes out of the paint tube.

I have added a sticker that I have not glued, I have cut it and then sewed.To finish I have splashed ink and glued some enamel dots.

For this, on the textured paper I have glued a patterned paper and from there I have been decorating with different ornaments.

With a couple of stamps I have made this small ornament where you can read a word.

Different cut elements and enamel dots...

And as you can see with the stamps you can make different decorations by cutting and then gluing with foam.

I hope you like them...and see you soon!

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  1. Cudowny wpis i świetny pomysł na papierowe chlapania, wycięte z arkusza!


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