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 Hello everyone! 

How are you doing on the St.Valentine's day this year? Hope you are all having a nice day.

Today, I would like to share my roofed star book / carrousel mini book  with the new collection; Don't grow up.

Let’s start from the bottom view. 
This mini book is my favorite one. 
I have made it with some types of pattern papers. 
This time it’s baby- kids designed paper and it shows real well how much you love the one you place the photos. 

I have cut out some patterns from the collection. Sweet flowers and stars.Perfect match for the little ones.

Tied with bow. 

Front page with gorgeous dearly deer. 
This page is particularly my favorite with ducks staring at you!! 
The collection is very neutral in colors and suit any genders.
Absolutely agree with 'any genders'? Hope so!
Some more photos?
Lovely patterns!! 

The link to my YouTube for a video clip is here.

Thank you for staying with me till the end! 

I hope you all enjoy Studio Forty’s 
New collections!! 

Don't grow up collection →Click here

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