New collections with Marivi


Hello again, I hope you are well,
Today I open with the new collections, which, as you have surely seen, are beautiful and are also very versatile.

For the first project I have used DON'T GROW UP, it is a project life page and as you can see the cards are very soft colors that can be easily combined.

The album I am with this year is 6x12. On this page I have placed two photos, and 4 cards
3x4, one of them was 4x6 but I have cut it.

I have decorated with several details from the same collection. Normally I glue the ornaments above the pages, so that they are not bulging, it is more beautiful, the ornaments look better and it is better for the photos.

With the LET'S PARTY collection I have decorated a notebook page.

On the left I have pasted one of the papers from the collection, and I have pasted a label where I have written some sentences.

I have decorated with a sticker and a chipboard.

With the photo I have also placed a label, but this time yellow, where I have pasted several chipboards.

And on the top in addition to gluing, I have stapled a sticker.

I hope you like it and see you soon.

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