Inspiration with Marivi

If there is a collection that represents joy and optimism with its colors, it is Let's party.
Today I have used it in the two projects that I show you.

Today's layout is a hybrid, as a background I have used digital brushes, but using the colors of one of the paper in the collection.
For this I have used Ps, I have downloaded the photo of the paper I have chosen, and with the dropper I have been selecting the colors that I have used with the brushes.
I have a little video on @mariviscrap of another layout that I made a while ago.

I have been composing the background with different motifs and colors that I have later printed, on which I have pasted the photo on a paper making a frame.

With a stamp I have stamped a line with a message, in gray.
I have finished decorating with various stickers, enamel dots and chipboards.

For the second project a page from my inseparable notebook.
This time the design is landscape, with two photos of the beach in the middle of winter, a full-blown party having high temperatures at this time of year.

In the background of stars I have sewn the photos, after sewing them I have pasted the paper in the notebook.
I have added a phrase that I have cut from another of the paper in the collection.

In the other I have sewn a banner with cut outs, chipboards, enamel dots and I have drawn some scribbles with pencil. I have also written a phrase.

I have pasted the banner page with the next one, so you can't see what is sewn on the back.

I hope they inspire you and you like them, see you soon.


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