Vintage Romantic | Stephanie B.

Hello Crafters,

Stephanie is here hoping everyone is fine and healthy?

While staying at home, i had have the time to look through old photos.
And so i found a really old photo. It shows my grandparents where they both were
young lovebirds...

I think this was about 1945. Doesn't my granddad look like an italian gangster with his
longer black hair?

The perfect picture for the wunderfull "So Romantic"-Collection you can pre-order at the
StudioForty Shop now.

SO ROMANTIC-01- scrapbook paper
SO ROMANTIC-03- scrapbook paper
SO ROMANTIC-04- scrapbook paper
Sending love - stamp set # 110
Life in Pictures - stamp set # 111
Happy Place- transparent stickers (english)

Stay safe and healthy
virtual hugs, Stephanie

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