Party-Alone Layout | Stephanie B.

Hello Studio Forty friends,

First of all - i hope you all out there are okay and healthy... Strange times today and so i want to wish you all the best - take care...

In this time we could not meet with friends and could not have parties and meetings...

This reminds me of NewYear's Eve 2018/2019....
Hubby and i stod at home allone. We had a party on our own... Only us both... With party games and dinner.. It was so lovely

Okay, it was accidentially that i took those photos for working with the super cute Lunare-Collection in this times - but while working on this layout i thought about this, i thought about making the best of beeing only us both these days... Having fun with each other... Callming down... Doing things we didn't do for a long time... Trying to do the best of it.

For my "Party-Alone"-Layout i took the lovely Lunare-Collection.
As always this Studio Forty Collection is versatile - usable for so many themes.
So it fits perfect to my pictures.

LUNARE - Mystic moon / Celestial postcards - scrapbook paper
LUNARE -Space travel / Sacred geometry - scrapbook paper
Lunar Garden - stamp set # 106
Moon Kiss - stamp set # 105
Magic space - transparent stickers (english)

Stay healthy
xoxo, Stephanie

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