Summer minibook with Beautiful Life collection I Opsite

Hello all, 

It's Opsite there, I'm sharing with you my new minibook.
I used the Beautiful Life papers collection and the clear stamp set that comes with it.

I have put together a quite simple structutre: I folded in halb black Cardstoks and glued them back on back. I cropped the angle with a punch to have smother edges.

 I have stacked different layers of paper together to have a mix of tones. 
The beautiful life collection is perfect for my summer pictures.

I create my own die-cut by using various designs and coloring them with water color ink. I then proceded to cut them of being very carefull to leave a small edge around each design.
I recycled the writting that are at the bottomof each Beautifull Life sheet of paper to use them as title. You can see "Splash", " Swimming pool", " Beautiful Life", " Have fun".
To finished, I add some stickers.

I wish you a sweet summer ;-)

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