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Hello, girls, Heidi here... with a 12" layout!
I didn’t make any 12“ layouts for a long time. But one came out last month and now here is the second one:

At first there were the two photos, with a lot of blue, black and cream.
And because I love every collection of studio forty I choose all the papers in compatible colors. 
I used papers from the last 5 (!!!) collections and they work together so very well! Have a look:

In the end I didn't use all that stuff, but it was a joy to work with this "kit" :-)

Do you use a sewing machine for scrapbooking?

For a traveler's notebook this is mostly not comfortable, but on a layout it is!
I like it because it gives a nice touch and structure.

Do you know the trick how to handle the ends of the sewing cotton?
You only have to get the one ending on the front to the back, like this:

...simple as that! Now you can knot them together. (So much easier to sew paper than fabric ;-)

At least a good way to fix alphas:

The Details of the layout:

(that means: so proud...
And yes: I'm very, very proud of my children! )

The products I used (You can click on the words to find them in the shop):


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