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Hello Studio Forty Friends,

Nikki here :) Today I will show you my travel kit for my upoming holidays. You will see all the products from Studio Forty are perfect for a travel kit. Let´s go!

First of all I decorate a travel journal where I can fill in my memories from our holidays. For this I choose a blank kraft travel journal, which you can find here. I love the thick paper of it. Next step I decorate the cover with some stamps. For this I use a white ink, because I love the look of it at the kraft colored cover. I stuck the clear sticker on white paper and deposited it with a pattern paper pennant. As a title, I have chosen something neutral, because I want to hold several holidays in it.

As materials I take pattern paper in the notebook edition, because they are small and handy and fit exactly in the travel journal. The (clear) stickers and washi tape stripes are perfect for traveling. They are space-saving and they come in different designs. In addition, they are thin and take up little space in the journal. There are a lot of different designs for travel at Studio Forty. In the same way, stamps must not be missing and suitable tool to be able to work with the materials. When traveling I use only the bare essentials: a pair of scissors, a small acrylic block, a black pen, a small black ink pad and a glue roller.

Finally, I pack all still space-saving, for which, for example, my self-designed bag from my last post is suitable. Have a look!

I hope you had fun and are inspired. Let us know which things you would put in your travel kit and how you store them during traveling.

See you soon
XO Nikki

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  1. Such a great idea! I'm planning to take my travel kit on holiday, too, but I'd like to prepare all the decorations before the travel :)


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