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A spread from a traveler’s notebook seems to be a square – but that’s a wrong conclusion because in truth there are two halves, that you have to fill.
You can do this balanced and symmetric like in this spread:

The beginning of it was VERY symmetric...

 But just as well you can try to do this asymmetric!!!

These two sides are filled asymmetrically. One photo is on the bottom, the other on the top – and you can notice: the impression is absolutely different!

 Heheheee, I looove the cute stamps in this context. I colored them with watercolor, cut them out and glued them on a little tag.

On the next spread, there is another form of asymmetry: on the left side, there is much text and only a little picture, on the right side it’s the other way round. But together, they complements each other, don’t they?

So, what do you prefer?
Symmetry or asymmetry?
Or do you like both?

The products I used (You can click on the words to find them in the shop):
Super You - Notebook edition
JUST CHILLIN' -Notebook edition
Alpha Typed - stamp set #79
Magic Fall - paper strips - sticker set
Chipboards Magic Fall- Flower pots
Super You - transparent stickers
"Awesome" - stamp set#88
"Super Hero" - stamp set#84

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