A is for Awesome.... | Stephanie B.

Hey there,

it's me again, Stephanie.

And today i can't wait to show you what i made with the super super cool "Super You" collection.

As i first saw the new collection i totally knew what i wanted to do with this super great stuff.

It fits perfect for the pictures of my nephew and me.
He loves all comic stuff.

And have you seen the cute little super hero stamp?
Doesn't it look like myx nephew?

I am so in love.

So this is what i did first with this collection:

SUPER YOU - fantastic / adventures - scrapbook paper
Super You -Notebook edition-set of 12 papers 10x21 cm
Awesome - sticker set
"Awesome" - stamp set # 88
Paper strips- Super You - sticker set

Have you cute little super heros out there.

xoxo, Stephanie

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