Baby Mini Album⎪Heidi Ma

Friends of mine have got a baby. 
I made a mini-album for them, that they could fill with information and photos of the first month. 

I show you the making of with not much text, but as much more photos…

First I started with the inside pages: They became a border of patterned paper as decoration.

Then I made the paperback. It consists of 2 pages cardboard, which are stickered with patterned paper on the front and the back. 

I put them together with self-adhesive book cloth.

After that I made some holes…

…and started to stitch.

Here it is:
(The baby’s name is: Jana – you will guess that…  ;-)

The inside pages give the place for a photo on one side. On the other side I added an envelope, which is cut off at the top – so I got a little bag for my notepad. It has to be filled each month with all the news of the baby.

This is what I used (klick on the word, to find it in the shop):


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