LET’S RELAX with this mini album

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 Hello everyone!

I'm back on the blog to bring you some inspiration, although this time it's not entirely mine. I don't know if it happens to you but for me, from time to time, especially in weeks when I've had a lot of work or stress, the only thing I feel like doing is to relax and not think at all.

In terms of scrapbooking that means making a nice cup of coffee, choosing a tutorial, a collection that might suit you and following the steps to not think or think the least possible. Sometimes creativity starts to flow and new ideas come to my mind and I get out of the explanation, sometimes not, I have the creativity in minus 2 and I just follow the tutorial step by step.

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy it because I don't put any pressure on myself and I just live in the present, I get away from everything and it's pure therapy.

In this case that's what has happened to me, these weeks have been overwhelming both personally and at work and my brain could only follow a tutorial, I was looking for something simple and easy and I found one by Bea Válint, I thought it could go very well with this cheerful collection full of cut-outs.

The mini takes very little time to make and has a lot of capacity, plus you can add flaps and pockets for even more photos if you want.

The back cover is 6 inches by 3 and a half inches, the spine is three quarters of an inch by 3 and a half inches and the front cover is 2 inches high by 3 and a half inches. The inside pages are 6 inches by 3 and a half inches and the inside pages are 6 inches by 3 and a half inches and the inside pages are 6 inches by 3 and a half inches and the pages are shortened by one inch in height to make it unstructured.

I have decided to put a summary of what will be the vacations this year, so on the cover I have put the year 2024. 

I hope you like it as much as I have enjoyed making it, that you like the combination of papers and that you are encouraged to do it.

I remind you that you have a 10% discount on the entire Studio Forty website by entering the code CRATYPAL10.

See you soon!

Paloma xoxo

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