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Hello S40 fans, Mirka here.
Do you like fold-out minialbums? I have one for you today. The mini album is small and cute. But what I like most about it is that it is variable. You can make it 10 times and each one will be completely different.

My mini-album today is made of two 9x9 inch (23x23 cm) pieces of paper. The paper is divided into 9 parts (squares) You could say that the base is very similar to when I make an exploding box.

The papers are placed on top of each other and glued only in the middle part. The rest of the album unfolds and then folds back into itself.

I decorated each square of the album from both sides. In some I pasted photos and in others just stickers and cut out images from the Let's relax collection.

I added everything with stamps. I also added stickers, diecuts, dotted frames stamps and a black elements.

I made the lid of the box in which the album is stored twice and put it inside. This gave me a 3D effect. There is a hole torn out in the lid and a picture inserted in the lower lid. A little tip for you: the lower lid is 2mm smaller so that it can be inserted into the other lid and not creased. I stuck double-sided foam tape between the lids.

I love this type of mini albums and I believe you will too. It's a lot of fun to gradually unfold individual pages and discover what's on them.
Will you try making one of these with me?

Don't forget that you have a discount on material in the S40 store with the code Mirka10. Have a great time ;)

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