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Hello dear S40 fans. Mirka here. 
Have you seen the new Magic Garden collection yet? It's full of spring and pastel colors, I love them! Today is Tuesday and that means playing with stickers here on the S40 blog. I created a few pages in a travelers notebook with the help of stickers. Come see how I used them.

I really like to read books, I really like to go on trips and sometimes I like to watch a good movie, even though I don't have much time for movies lately. That's why I prepared this page, where I will write down everything I read, where we went on a trip, what movie caught my eye and what made me happy.

I used a paper set of 18 Notebook size papers and made 3 journal cards. I stuck a sticker on the top of the card that will be pulled. Then I took one striped paper and cut 3 holes in it. The cards are inserted into these holes and only the top with the sticker will be visible. The stickers are first stuck on the paper, so my fingers don't stick to it :)

I used transparent alphabet stickers for the inscriptions. They look like written letters, they are just perfect.

To decorate, I used a set of stamps with flowers and added a few dots with a black marker.

On the right side, I made a pocket out of paper.  I put the card for writing text in my pocket again. I stuck a sticker with a bird on the upper part. So that it doesn't disappear into the background, I also glued a picture frame cut from a single piece of paper under it.

Another page in the notebook belongs to our garden. I love our garden and every year I think about what flowers to plant in the flower bed. I really enjoy taking pictures of the garden in the spring, right after the seeds and seedlings have been planted. And then I take pictures of the garden in the summer, when the flowers are already grown and colorful. I prepared this double page for photos that I will add later. And I will also write a list of planted flowers. Next spring I can then be inspired and buy the same ones again if I like them this year.

I prepared a place for photos under the opening papers. I cut the notebook paper into two parts in a wave shape. I folded the edge of each paper and glued it to the notebook page. I stuck a butterfly sticker on both parts that I can grab and open.

I left the left side free. But there is space for photos if I want to add them later. I just glued a frame with a picture of a bouquet and added a few green enamel dots.

I hope I've inspired you to try playing with stickers too.
I wish you a lot of fun with the stickers and if you would like to buy some stickers in the S40 e-shop, the code MIRKA10 will definitely come in handy. With the code you get a 10% discount on the entire basket.

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