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 Hello Studio Forty friends! Today Marta Scrapera speaks to you on the keyboard. I hope hoy are having a good month, in  this most romantic month of the year. Today I have prepared to show you a mini album with the new S40 collection, Magic Garden.

To decorate the cover, I cut out an illustration from the big block of paper, I used enamel dots and the sticker alphabet.

The final decoration is a few drops of gold ink.

The interior of  the album is very simple; I have used this stamp to create some cards to write journaling.

And I have placed some ribbons to attach each of the pages that I document in the coming months; for the cover I have used these calendars, to indicate that the stories I will tell bigin in the month of March.

I hope you like it. Remember that with the code "scrapera10" you get a 10% discount on the Studio Forty website.

See you son.

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