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Hello friends! How are you? My name is Marta and I hope you like the projects of my friends from S40 and the projects that I will show you in the coming months.
The new Studio Forty collection, Vintage Glow, is a wonderfull colection: romantic, autumnal, with a sweet and beautiful color palette, with very delicate and elaborate decorations and a lot of accesories.

Would you like to see the project I created? Let´s see it!

This time, I show you a layout made with the papers from the collection, cutting out different decorative elements.

The composition is very simple: the photograph is framed by two of the decorated papers. If you like the style more, you could distract the papers that frame the picture.

I have embroidered the decorative elements to give the layout a more special touch. I have placed the decorations on the die-cuts sheet forming a diagonal so that the photograph is the protagonist.

I hope you liked it; remember that with the code "SCRAPERA10" you get a 10% discount.

Have a nice week!

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