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Hello everyone! How are you? I'm up on the Studio 40 blog today with two 'delicious' notebook pages, using Vintage Glow collection. When visiting a tourist destination, the itinerary will most likely include recommendations of Gastronomic Routes: a tour of emblematic and significant places for the local gastronomic culture, and recommendations of the most diverse dishes. I really like Gastronomic Routes. To me, gastronomy is so closely linked to the culture of a country that we should always document the favourite dishes of our tourist destinations in our albums, and I think that notebooks are perfect format for that! Let's see how I documented mine!

I recently visited València, the third-most populated city in Spain on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Nowadays, the star dish in València's homes and one of the most outstanding dishes in Spanish gastronomy is paella. To document the dish I used a large picture, according to the notebook size, on one side. I cover the picture with a vellum page to soften colours and to decorate the page as well. I used very subtle decoration: a strip of 'Green' patterned paper, notebook size and a diecutted piece of white cardstock and a green enamel dot

I created a pocket when I stuck the photo, to add inside the pocket some interesting journaling about paella. Did you know that Valencian paella originated during the 15th and 16th centuries in the more rural areas of Valencia? This dish was born out of the peasants' need to prepare an easy meal with the ingredients they had at hand (rice, chicken, string beans, and others). Paellas were always cooked over a wood fire, especially orange tree wood. 

On the other page, I made a composition using clear stamps with words from 'bits of life set' and 'yummy day set'. Clear stamps give you so much freedom when composing pages! I decorated the page with a green banner, a bit of white thread under the banner and a green enamel dot. On the side, a strip of 'Green' patterned paper, notebook size and a diecutted piece of white cardstock to give some continuity to the page. 

The following pages showed a delicious and Valencian typical beverage: Orxata. It is made with sweetened tiger nuts and served ice-cold as a natural refreshment in the summer, often served with fartons (a delicate and spongy sweet pastry).

In the large picture you can see the orxata and some tigernuts in a basket. The pic is decorated with transparent stickers to give a romantic touch. 

On the other page I used  'Gold' patterned paper, notebook size as background. The central element is a PL card. I stamped the words 'Sweet', 'guilty pleasures' and 'bits of life' in black and stuck it as a pocket to add a tag. Two pink enamel dots finalises the decoration.

The tag is made using the dotted side of the PL cards (very useful, indeed) adding the journaling and decorations: a strip of patterned paper and a diecutted piece of white cardstock and a pink enamel dots at the bottom side and some tulle and thread at the upper side.

And that's all for now, friends! Hope you enjoyed this delicious post! ;) Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!

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