Zig-Zag Goodie Box | Dhaarani Mathivaanan

 Hello Lovelies,
    Good morning! Dhaara here with an exciting project. Zig-Zag goodie box - sounds interesting right? Let's dive into it. 
Let's go a little more colorful this time. Created this project using mix matching with the pattern papers and essentials collection journal card.

Starting with measuring the chipboard for the base and pattern paper for covering the same. Here goes the measurement as 7,5,7,5,3 * 9 (height*width) in m like below.

Let's now cover the chipboard with beautiful patterned paper on both sides.

Tada our base is now ready. Now we will focus on creating a zig-zag area surrounding the box sides.
Take a paper piece that measures 6.5cm*10cm(height*width)

At every cm score and fold front and back. Attach the zig-zag piece created to the base as shown above. 

Now let's add a few add-ons to the box to give it more beauty and texture. I love adding enamel dots a lot because even a simple project will be elevated to a different level with these beautiful enamel dots.

Now using essentials collection journal cards and envelop covers we will add a few items to keep inside the Zig-Zag goodie box.

Really love how the goodie box turned out. Give it a try, create a goodie box, and add beautiful add-ons inside the box☺️ Happy Crafting 🥰

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