Hello together! Kerstin here today with a new layout inspiration. Sometimes you "sneak" around a paper that you like so much that you actually don't want to use it. That's what happened with the Lunare "Star Trails" paper. But for this layout, I finally used it! YAY! Let's get started! 

Isn't this paper amazing? For this I cut out leaves from the Everyday Story "Make Art" paper. I also always need an eye catcher on my project and for that I used the Flowers Sticker Set.  

A photo does not always have to be used in its entirety. It gives a nice effect when the photo is cut into different sized squares. I also cut the paper into different sized squares and arranged both on a white 12 x 12 cardstock before I taped it. 

I glued these squares partly with 3D Foam or liquid glue. The flowers stickers I have first attached to copy paper and then cut out. They can be arranged (for me) so better on a project. I always do it that way with stickers!  

I arranged the cut out leaves and Flower Stickers on the opposite sides of my photo. I added them with the Essentials Word Color Stickers Set, the Phrases Sticker Set and the Simple Life Color Stickers Set.  

Something was still missing for me! From the scraps of paper I made small rolls by rolling the paper over a round pen and taped the end with double-sided tape. I find these little rolls complement the layout beautifully! And of course, Dots 3D Stickers can not be missing. Here I have used Lazy Days 3D Sticker Set Dots.  

I hope you like this inspiration and the next time you have the courage to cut up a photo! I am already excited about your project.

See you next time!

Kerstin xx

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