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Hello friends, it's Nuria today! How are you doing? It is curious how you start a LO with a clear idea and suddenly, it turn out in another one completely different. In this case, I started rolling pieces of paper to make a specific composition, but while rolling it I couldn't see anything else than venetian blinds for windows! :O  Three venetian blinds to be exact!;) 

Hitchkok's movie "The Rear Window" came to my mind... I would have to create three windows... I tried a square die cut four times per window and... it worked, don't you think? I glued the picture under the window on a white cardstock.

The rolls were made with two notebook papers from Essentials Collection and a piece of "Warm and Cozy" paper from "Together Collection". 
I stuck a little piece of cardboard to make the upper side of the venetian blind and I covered it with the corresponding patterned paper. I tried to recreate the typical rope loops of these blinds with some white thread. I added a couple of coloured wooden balls at the end of the thread.

Then, it was time to decorate the windows! I recreate flowerpots with pink and green tabs (color stickers set) and I fulled them with flowers!
Some die cuts underneath the windows and some phrases on top finalised windows decoration.

The window in the middle has a PL card "hello nature", instead of a picture. Lots of enamels, 3D shapes, phrases and Holiday spirit transparent stickers complete the LO overall decoration.

That's all for today! Hope you had enjoyed today's post. Don't forget to visit Studio Forty shop website, you will get 10% off with the code nuria10! 

Have a lovely week! 


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