Hello everyone! It’s the most wonderful time od the year … literaly! I love christmas and I always want everything to be perfect and prepared. And that's my curse. So this year I created a christmas organizer … well more like a notebook to be precised. I used FROSTY SEASON collection and let’s see how it all turned out. 

The cover page is simple. I added few die cuts and transparent stickers and cut the title out of one of the 6 x 6 papers. To fix the whole notebook I added rubber string to the back.

First page is prepared to plan our christmass dinner. Well we eat pretty the same meal every year, but still I like to write everything down. Who knows - maybe I come up with something new to eat (maybe some starter or desert). Next page is a shopping list. As I need my husband to do some shopping too, I always make a separate shopping list for him. Besides the food I also plan drinks and snacks.

Do you send christmas cards? I do and I prepared a special page to track people and adresses to whom I want to send a christmas card. I came up with an idea to use one of the stamps (the christmas ball), stamp it on a white cardstock, cut it out and fix it to the page with a velcro. Well it turned out like a great idea. And I added some string too.

Next page is dedicated to christmas baking. I bake just a few types of christmas confection, but year after year I always find a bit better recipe. So let's write that down. Because to be honest - I don't remember where I put my last year's recipes.

Last but not least ... presents of course. As the Christmas Day is around the corner I need to sum all the presents up and find out, whether to buy something more. And more important - whether I need to DIY some present myself.

Very merry Christmas to everyone and I'm looking forward the next year with you here at Studio Forty blog. 

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