Resolutions 2022 | Yukie Bessho

Good day to all the crafters in the world.

2021 is almost ending. What was your year like? 

Hope you had a good one although pandemic situation was not so easy to all of us. 

So for next year:2022, I have some resolutions.

May the year 2022 is going to be the last year struggling the covid, and let us travel around just like before. 

The flower bunches are tighten by the stickers.
I have used some sealing waxes for unique touch.

Chipboard stickers, and enamels are also used. 

Fun to make emvelopes.

Flower bunches are cut out from the paper.

Did spattering with posca.

Herbarium collection →Click here
Square stamp→Click here

Thanks for checking in. 
I had a very fun year with Studio Forty and people related to. 
Hoping you had good inspirations from all the DTs from S40!
Wishing you all the very happy new year, healthy and prosperous!
See you soon again. 


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