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I have not used the sewing machine for a long time and with these projects I have remedied it.

If you still do not dare, I can tell you that I am not an expert with the sewing machine and I am not interested in making it perfect ... so I encourage you to use it.

In this layout I have sewn the letters of the title, which I have created with different alphabets.
And I have sewn by framing the stickers with phrases from the sides of the photo.

I have added a sticker in another height for the composition of the title.

A trick to sew letters or another chipboard or puffy ornament is to do it very slowly and place the needle when you start sewing on top of the motif you have chosen.

For notebooks, I sew before gluing the background paper ... and if I sew on the same sheet then I glue it with the next or the previous one, so the back part is not stitched.

It is what I have done in this case the page of the ornaments has been pasted with the previous one and the one in the photo I have sewn before gluing it to the notebook page.

As you can see, it does not have to be a great stitching, just a little gives it a vintage air.

Nor is it necessary to really sew, you can sew only the pael or ornament and then glue it ... I usually sew for real, in this case I glue the element a little, but very little, so that it does not move.

In this case in both projects I have used the same stitch, but it is interesting to mix several and of different sizes.

Another thing, I usually sew without any guide, but you can draw some guides with a soft pencil to make it easier, especially at the beginning then you will see that you are letting go.Finally, if at any time the needle breaks do not be discouraged changing it is easy, have spare parts and go.

I hope this post is useful to you and you like the projects. See you soon!


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