The winner of the Studio Forty challenge in Japan |Mami Ito

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Dear Everyone

It's Yukie from the creative team,  
and I am so honored to introduce Mami from Japan. 
We were having Studio Forty challenge in Japan this summer. 
We  had so many challenges and were so happy to see all the beautiful pieces with Studio Forty. 
It was an amazing experience!

And so here we go! 
Mami is the grand winner of the event!

 Hello everyone!  I'm Mami from Japan!

SO very happy to be  a winner at 'Studio Forty challenge in Japan',;a collab project between Japanese scrapbooking store casket* and Studio forty 

It was rather a big surprise when I got the news of me myself being a winner! Among with so many wonderful works, but I am very honored and happy.

Looking at  the beautiful BOMDIA Collection, 

 A bright and refreshing image came to my mind, 

and I thought it would be good to make the project with photos from our  summer trip.

Using the stickers that Mona designed especially for Japanese scrapers, I was able to vividly express the most enjoyable summer memories!

 This project turn out to be my very favorite work, and am very grateful with that. 

I am really happy to be able to write a blog this time and share my work with many scrappers!

 Thank you for staying with me till the end!


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