Lunare Copta Book | Isa

Hello everyone!!

It's Isa today and I am thrilled to present you a new project using the Lunare collection which I love so much. 

 As I am used to doing with the collections of Studio Forty I have prepared a 3x4 inches copta book using all the patterned papers of the Lunare  collection. For the cover I decided to use two pieces of wood that I cut myself and I painted them in black with acrylic paint and then I used some white spray paint to add the drops and add this effect of galaxy and space. I also cut some decorations from the papers and from the paper that has journaling cards to add the elements of the cover.

In the spine of the book I have been adding some embellishments and beads, tassels...even chipboards from the Lunare collection itself. I love to have them full of decorations hanging there. I think they are the most beautiful details to add in these kind of projects. 

On the inside all the papers I used are from the Lunare collection. I cut them in pieces of 6x4 inches and bent them to make pages of 3x4 inches. I love this size in these projects. They are tiny and cute. 

I have made little books for this project of 4 pages each so they have more volume and the book is a bit thick.

I like the view they have and you have the opportunity to store lots of pictures or add lots of journaling in it. 

The title of the book is one of the stickers we can find in the stickers set of the Lunare collection. I love them so much!

I hope you liked this project and that it inspires you to create beautiful books. Remember that I made a tutorial for Studio Forty on how to make copta books! If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask! See you soon with new projects! Love,

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