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Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.

 Spring is coming soon and this fact inspires me! I decided to make spring cards from our new collection!
Bonus is a box for cards! I like to give cards in boxes. This is always a surprise for a friend!

Each box has a hole. A card peeps through it and it's so cute!

I also added small tags. You can write something on it.
And the main decorations is butterflies! I cut them out of a sheet of scrapbook paper Lunare by my plotter. This watercolor print sheet is very beautiful!

I suggest watching a video how to make this cards.
Enjoy watching!

And of course the photos! You can take a closer look at the cards!
First card!

I like to use text stamps to name cards! And its look great in the background!

The second card! Many butterflies and a twig stamp create a festive mood!

Third card!

The back of the postcards I also draw up. 
I think it is very cute and beautiful! Here I almost always use stamps.

Well! Are you ready to meet the spring?

See you very soon and thanks for reading! 


 I used:

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

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