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Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.

I’m back on the Studio Forty blog and today and I’ll be showing you  my new project.  I’ve created a home decor with the wonderfull collection Lunare ♥


So, I made the constellation Ursa Minor and the North Star. If you know where this constellation is, you can easily find the North Star and vice versa.

I suggest watching a video about it.

My eldest son loves the cosmic theme and I did it for him.

I made a beerboard mockup for the constellation. I painted cardboard with white primer.
Inside I put a small layout with the photos of my son. I actively used stamps from the new collection.

I also added alcoholic ink and sprays. I am pleased with the interim result. 
I love the color and how the stamps work!

And at the end of the work, I added volumetric decor. Here is such an unusual design! This is the main part.

The "tail" of the constellation, or the handle of the bucket I made from wire. It holds its shape and looks easy.

I placed voluminous stars on the tail. I cut them on a plotter and glued them together.

And the most important thing! I added light! I used a thin long garland. It has a small battery pack that can be hidden.

And so it looks like my project at night. It is very unusual and beautiful!

I hope you also make your space from this fantastic collection!

See you very soon and thanks for reading! 


 I used:

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

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