Squirrel Love | Stephanie Berger

Hello out there,

after a warm and beautiful late summer weekend here in germany, fall is here and while
I am writing this it is raining outside.

And should i tell you something? I love fall. Tea, coloured and falling leaves, chestnuts, candlelights... its such a beautiful and cozy season.

And in fall squirrels are on theire way, searching for nuts and things for their winter stock....
I love these cute fellows that are running around like crazy.

We have a lovely park where you can feed them and they are comming really close, so you can take
pictures of them.

One of these pictures i took there, i scrapped with the lovely new Studio Forty stuff.
GAIA is perfect for fall and squirrel pictures don‘t you think so?

GAIA - Flower power / recycled- scrapbook paper
GAIA - Wilderness / ecofriendly- scrapbook paper
Fall flowers - stamp set # 96
Gaia - chipboard stickers set
Gaia - transparent stickers (english)
Nature - transparent stickers (english)

Have a great and lovely fall
Xoxo Stephanie

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