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Hello everyone! How are you?

Few days away since Christmas time, and our home it is ready for it. We set up our Christmas' tree, the Nativity scene and something very special I made for you! It's Nuria here and I want to share a Christmas wreath!

Can you guess what material I used for the ring? Yes, it's a recyclable polystyrene (PS) ring! As PS is a cold material, I decided to wrap the whole ring with white yarn to give warmth and texture to the wreath, and then I created a hanger with the thread.

Then, I decorated it with the beautiful Together collection. At the top of the wreath you can find Santa’s home and these funny socks...waiting for some candies, maybe ;) The cute socks are distributed all over the wreath. Stamped snowflakes, Holly Jolly lettering, enamel dots, a blue chipboard star and puffy stickers are around.
On the right hand, I hung a mistletoe under a stamped small frame with the word “Joy”. It is decorated with Christmas flowers, branches, wooden beads and chipboard stickers (yellow + green star and a mug), topped with a sticker “Traditions" previously glued to a piece of cardboard to make it more rigid.
Below the mistletoe, socks, chipboard stickers and enamel dots 3D are the decoration.

On the left hand of the wreath, I took a chipboard frame and wrap a brown-orange yarn and stuck some bells on the frame. I use it to "hang" some Christmas' decorations. A sticker “Silent night” was added on top of it. 

At the bottom of the wreath, you can see Santa with his sleigh full of presents, among Christmas flowers and branches. Wooden beads, two handmade paper bells and chipboard stickers (red heart and "Cozy" tag)  are also part of the decoration set. On top of it, a sticker “Believe in the magic”. It's a nice sentence to end with, don't you think?
You may have notice that I love to cut out the illustrations from the collection! I think it gives you much freedom and you make the most of it! I hope this project will inspire you to make a Christmas wreath and make your home ready to welcome Christmas.

Have a lovely week! ;)


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