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For those of us who like plants, but don't have any, because we don't have time to take care of them and the few we've had have died, any balcony with a few flowers drives me crazy. And of course, taking a picture...

And there is nothing I like more than a paper with flowers, which is what I used for this page.

I have covered the entire right side with this beautiful "Together" paper.

For the title I have cut out and glued a PL card to the bottom.

I have also glued some twigs with a little volume.

On the photo I have stamped some leaves and pasted a label where I have written some sentences.

For the second layout, I have also used a PL card, but I have not cut it, I have pasted it at the same height as the photo but on the other page, and I have decorated it with different stickers.

On the photo I have pasted another label to write a little.
And on both pages I have stamped some branches.
Below I have stamped a phrase, which I have continued to write by hand.

Here you can see in more detail some of the decorations that I have added, such as enamel dots, chipboard, stickers....

Everything used is from the latest SF collection
I hope you like it, see you soon!


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