Layout FUN | by Sonja Voigt

Hello and welcome to a new blog post. Today I'm going to show you a new layout in my 6x8 album from my son. The recordings were made at home in our garden. Here we enjoy our free time and spend time with the family.

I chose one of the papers from the LAZY DAYS series and cut out many of the small surfboards and skazeboards by hand. I glued this on the lower edge with an adhesive roller and adhesive plate. I just cut off the protruding corners.

With my printer at home I printed out different pictures in different sizes and deposited them with one of the papers.

For decoration I used different stickers from the series and created clusters with them.

Finally, I embroidered the edges by hand.

As a cover for the summer I punched out letters with an alphabet punch board and glued them to a white cardstock. I then glued the whole thing onto tracing paper. Now all sides just don't have to be punched. And done.

I hope you enjoyed my little inspiration.
See you soon and stay healthy.

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