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Before moving to the storage of my computer files online or on external hard drives, I used to burn to DVDs ... and I had a few left ... here I am to bring out these blank DVDs to support me for this mini-book! I chose to hide the face with the mark of the DVDs and the inscriptions, but to keep a part of the other side visible ...

The papers "Super You" Studio Forty lend themselves perfectly with my photos since they are colorful and in the spirit of comics and superheroes!

To cut out my papers, I put the shape of the DVD in pencil on the printed or white papers, then carefully cut each disc ... The "front" face is covered with paper, and for the "back" faces I opted for a montage "tag + placemat + paper ripped + photo + some deco" so that we can still see the glossy side of the DVD.

I then realized each double page face to face because most of my photos "answer each other" ... according to a similar layout, but with some points of difference in the papers, the stamps, the cutouts ...

The final touch is provided by ink stains (black, yellow, red and white). Once everything is dry, I can simply connect with my broken ring, and I add some charms on a chain to decorate. A mini that, by its theme and its colors, please a lot at home, and in addition, it is not fragile and can be handled by all the little hands (or almost!).

Hope you enjoyed it! thank you

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